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Nice to meet you! 

I’m Anastasia Botica the creator of Melbourne based floral design studio, Urban Antidote.

My focus is to create modern, playful and vibrant floral designs that bring joy.

My Story

The face behind the florals

Not too long ago I quit my job in law and decided to turn my newfound passion, something I hadn’t ever experienced before into my job.

My belief and passion in Urban Antidote has always been unwavering, certain and relentless even in the difficult times which any business owner will tell you can be lethal and far too frequent, despite how things may look from the outside.

I could only dream to be where I am today, yet there is so much more I eagerly, cannot wait to do.  The last two years have been the most rewarding and exciting but also peaceful (as I know I am in the right place) years of my life.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey with me.

Client’s, photographers, restaurants, stylists, couples, YOU reading this, artists, cake designers, my friends, family and so many more people who have weaved through my life and created the fabric that is Urban Antidote. 

As I write this, I realise the privilege attached to this note but my hope is that it encourages anyone who is thinking of taking a leap or even a small step towards their dream life to do so and believe wholeheartedly in their decision. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Much love, 
Anastasia xoxo

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The 'Going Out' Edit

"Let's face it, nothing on this list is practical, but you're going to look super cute” - Anastasia

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The 'Staying In' Edit

“Home is where the heart is... but it’s also an early night in, watching Sex & The City reruns in my summer field robe with a Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Cocktail Glass in hand and a cat on my lap” - Anastasia

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The 'Entrepreneurs' Edit

"Forging your own path and figuring it out along the way is entrepreneurism to me" - Anastasia

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