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How to care for your flowers

How to care for your flowers

Urban Antidote has included below some tips to assist in maintaining the longevity of your blooms upon them being delivered.

Water Change

Flowers consume a lot of water. It is important to ensure they always have two thirds of the vase full. As flowers are susceptible to bacteria build-up, please change their water every two days.

Trimming Flowers

On receiving your flowers, be sure to trim their stems (2cm) on a 45-degree angle prior to placing them in their vase. When you change their water every two days ensure a fresh cut also.

Sharp Scissors

Use sharp scissors when trimming their stems to avoid damaging the tissue/cells at the base.

Heat and Direct Sunlight

By keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight and heat, you will be ensuring their longevity, as they will mature quickly when exposed to heat and light.

Vase Washing

Due to bacteria build-up in arrangements and flowers, ensure you wash your used vase with hot and soapy water, or place in dishwasher when you dispose of old flowers. This will assist in the vase being in the best possible position to protect your new flowers.

Flower Refresh

As you may know, some flowers drink through their petals such as Hydrangeas, Phalaenopsis, and Dancing Lady Orchids - every couple of days, soak them in cold water from the tap to refresh them.

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